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The Untouchable Series

Untouchable in Every Way

The untouchable series by superior are the finest products in safe manufacturing. They are hand built one at a time by the finest American made material. This is superiors strongest and most secure safe.

This safe has earned a UL RSC – Residential Security Container rating as well as exceeding the requirements for a class B security certificate. This safe is built to stand up to the best with ¼” walls and a 5/8” door this is the strongest product built in the UL RSC market. 

To top off the amazing door and body thickness the Untouchable series boast the brand new Hell Bender mechanism. The bolt works are second to none. The fortified four-way system consists of: pinion-driven radial gear, massive bolt carriages and equalizers with sub-stantial linkage.

This is the best safe Superior offers and for good reason. Weighing more than most cars this safe is perfect for protecting your most prized possessions and valuables.

Upgrades from the Superior Safe:

  • Class B Rated Safe
  • Steel Body — 1/4” 
    • 2.35 Times Stronger than Supreme
  • Door Steel — 1/2” Solid
    • 2.37 Times Stronger than Supreme
  • Door Edge Thickness — 3/8”
  • Steel Weight — 25% More than Supreme
  • Hell-Bender™ Radial Gear Drive
  • Massive Internal Components and Bolt works
  • Glass-Guard™ Remote Relocker
  • Bolt Count — Up to 24

The Supreme Series

Supreme Security and Design

This safe is in a class all by itself. From start to finish the supreme is designed with elegance and amazing security. Some of its most famous design elements are what separates it from the competition.  With classic lines, recessed plate door and radial corners this safe is powerful and elegant in its presentation. 

The body is formed from 3/16” steel or 7 gauge. With a ½” steel door this safe is up to 126 times stronger than Chinese built competitors. Like the untouchable the Supreme series comes standard with radial gear driven bolt work system which provides unsurpassed smoothness and strength to the bolt carriage and action. 

The triple step door design gives it a huge advantage to both fire rating and security. With 3 heat activated fire seals on the steps and 7 gauge body this safe boasts an amazing 110 minute fire rating at 1865 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

Standard interior features on this safe include: Motion sensor LED lighting, built in power and on the Supreme 55 and 65 models Superiors exclusive bank box storage system. 

Upgrades from the Master:

  • Steel Body – 3/16"
    • 2.7 Times Stronger than Master
  • Outer Door Steel – 3/8"
    • 3.38 Times Stronger than Master
  • Inner Door Steel – 
    • 10-Gauge Full Plate
  • Steel Weight – 
    • 30% More than Master Series
  • Fire Rating – 1865°F 110-Minute
  • Fire Insulation – Four Layers, 5/8" Type X
  • Triple-Step™ Door
  • Fire Seal – Three Heat Expanding
  • Radial Gear Drive
  • Glass-Guard™ Relocker
  • Bold Count – Up to 20
  • Bank Box™ Storage System

The Master Series

Colorado’s Bestselling safe

Not only is this Superiors bestselling safe nationwide but it has been hands down Colorado Safe Outlet’s bestselling safe. Outselling other product lines 4 to 1 this safes value is unmatched in both security and fire rating. 

With its unique double step door design the Master series gives the best of plate security and composite fire protection. With active 1.5” bolts on all 4 sides and a 10 gauge body this safe will withstand just about anything. 90 minute fire protection at 1650 degrees Fahrenheit is unsurpassed in the industry. 

The Master series comes in 6 different sizes and 12 color options more than any other safe line in Superiors line up. With its top of the line security and unsurpassed fire rating the Master series has always been a customer favorite and will only continue to be just that. 

Did we mention that this is the safe that we personally own!

Upgrades from the Regal:

  • Steel Body – 10-Gauge
    • 1.42 Times Stronger than Regal
  • Door Steel – 1/4" Solid
    • 2.35 Times Stronger than Regal
  • Door Edge Thickness – 1/2"
  • Steel Weight – 20% More than Regal
  • Fire Rating – 1650°F 90-Minute
  • Fire Insulation – 
  • Three Layers, 5/8" Type X
  • Cam-Lock™ Pressure Reliever
  • Door Bolt – 11/2" Diameter
  • Bolt Count – Up to 20
  • LED Lighting with Motion Sensor
  • Electrical Power Inlet
  • Two-Tone Finish Option
  • Size Upgrade – Model 75

The Regal Series

Notable excellence

The regal series safe is designed after the original master series safe. Taking it back to the foundation that Superior started on. This safe is an amazing build with American steel. With similar features to the Master series safe the Regal is a great buy that will live up to its expectations. 

The Regal's body steel is increased to 11-gauge (.120) steel, 45% stronger than 12-gauge and over four times stronger than the lightweight China safes. The body is reinforced with a Double-Steel Door Casement™.

The heart of the Regal is the 5/16" thick Double-Step™ door. The outer steel is 3/16" while the full inner steel is 12-gauge, making the door 16 times stronger than the China-built containers.

The Regal's door defense systems include: Superior's Auto-Relock™ System, Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ and full inner steel liner.

Additional features include: four-way active bolt works, clutch drive system, door detent system and a 1500° 75-minute fire rating.

Upgrades over the Ironside:

  • Steel Body – 11-Gauge
    • 1.45  Times Stronger than Ironside
  • Door Steel – 3/16" Solid
    • 2.7  Times Stronger than Ironside
  • Door Edge Thickness – 7/16"
  • Inner Door Steel – 12-Gauge Full Plate
  • Steel Weight – 20% More than Ironside
  • 1500°F - 75-Minute Fire Rating
  • Double-Step™ Door
  • Fire Seal – Two Heat Expanding
  • Door Bolt – 1-1/4" Diameter
  • Five-Spoke Handle

The Ironside Series

The Original Plate

The Ironside's body is pressure formed from American-made 12-gauge steel which is almost 3 times stronger than 2 mm or 14-gauge steel used in most China-built or lightweight American containers. The Ironside's door is constructed from 10-gauge steel plate with a multi-layer 7/16" edge reinforcement. This door is almost 6 times stronger than what you will find on most imported safes. The heavier steel used in the body and door, plus the Double-Steel Door Casement™, creates a pry-resistant steel foundation. 

The Ironside offers many security advantages found only on more expensive safes including: four-way active bolt works, door defense systems, a door detent system, Sargent & Greenleaf® lock and a one-hour 1350° fire rating. The Ironside is a steel fortress you'll be proud to own for many years.

Ironside Features:

  • BODY
    • 3/4" -Thick Composite Walls
    • 12-Gauge Steel Walls
    • Up to Three Layers Fire Insulation
    • Double-Steel Door Casement™
    • Heat-Expanding Fire Seal
    • 10-Gauge Outer Door Steel
    • 7/16" Reinforced Door Edge
    • External Ball-Bearing Hinges
    • Three-Spoke Handle with Slip Clutch
    • Four-Way Active Boltworks
    • Up to 16, 1'-Diameter Bolts
    • Door-Detent™ System
    • Sargent & Greenleaf® Group II Dial Lock
    • Superior's Auto-Relock™ System
    • Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™
    • Plush Velour Interior
    • High Capacity Gun Rack
    • Deluxe Door Organizer
    • 1350° 60-Minute Fire Rating
    • Tested in an ASME Certified Facility
    • Security Rating
    • Lifetime Warranty

The SS Series

Sometimes great things come in small packages. The SS  Safe has many of the same features as our larger safes but with a more compact design. The SS Series features a 12-gauge steel body, four-way active boltworks, and a 1350° 60-minute fire rating. External hinges provide a full 180° door opening. Just as tough as our full-size safes, the SS Series is recognized for its superiority and enduring value.

Outer Shell: 12-Gauge Thick | Door Steel: 51/4" Thick | Active Bolts: 8 | Fire Rating: 1350°F @ 60min. | Gun Count: N/A